Webinar Recording - Principle #2: Strategic Messaging

EMPA Principle No 2: Strategic Messaging - Connection and Credibility

Effective disaster communication requires a rigorous strategic process. We must do far more than transmit accurate data. We must understand why we speak. We must understand those we are speaking with. We must listen to ensure that we have been heard, understood, and believed.

Rebecca Riggs, EMPA Fellow

Isaia Piho,
Fire and Emergency NZ
Renae Hanvin, Resilient Ready

DATE: Wednesday 31 January 2024

About the panellists


Isaia Piho is the Project Manager for Hiwa-i-te-rangi.  Hiwa-i-te-rangi is an organisation culture change programme designed to ensure that Fire and Emergency NZ upholds its commitment to working with Māori as tangata whenua.  Isaia joined as a firefighter back in 2009 as has attended a number of significant events during his 14-year career with Fire and Emergency NZ.  He has also worked in areas focusing on community engagement, risk reduction and community education. ‘Simply’ for Isaia, it is about helping people and giving back to community that drives him every day.


Renae Hanvin is the CEO + Founder of Resilient Ready, a certified social enterprise driving a new ecosystem in business and community risk reduction and resilience. Her focus is to strengthen community networks and global wellbeing in this new era of disasters.

With over 20 years of disaster experience, Renae led crisis responses for McDonald’s during Swine Flu, actioned consequence stakeholder mapping for Emergency Management Victoria and steered Australia Post’s response to the Brisbane Floods.

Committed to saving lives and livelihoods, Renae delivers forward-thinking disaster resilience and preparedness solutions.

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