Webinar Recording - The very worst day


A momentous event; communications on the frontline.

Everyone remembers where they were when… but what if you were there when it happened? And you were in charge?

Join us for this webinar featuring three global communications experts presenting on what it means to be on the frontline of an internationally-significant, mass-media event and how each aspect of this is managed.


Chris Webb, Head of Media at Metropolitan Police at the time of  the Princess of Wales’ tragic car accident
Bob Jensen, US Government at time of 9/11 Twin Tower terrorist attacks.
Michael Player, General Manager of Public Affairs at NZ Police at the time of the Pike River Mine collapse.


Lorraine Churchill, EMPA Director, Facilitator

Chris Webb, Director, EPiCC, UK
Bob Jensen, STRAT3, USA
Michael Player,
FMR General Manager of Public Affairs, NZ Police

DATE: Wednesday 30 November 2022

Session recording

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