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NHRA Research - Community Experiences Before and After Flood

The devastating floods of February to July 2022 affected 84 local government areas in NSW and Queensland and caused widespread trauma and devastation. Many communities were affected multiple times.

Researchers from three universities were engaged by Natural Hazards Research Australia to explore communities’ experiences before during and after the flood and they used one prompt:  “Tell us your flood story”. The resulting volume of data will contain many gems for communicators and engagement specialists.

You can get more information on the overall findings of the project at  www.naturalhazards.com.au/floods2022

David Bruce, Communications Director, NHRA

Dr Mel Taylor, Associate Professor, Macquarie University | NHRA 

DATE: Wednesday 25 October 2023

About Mel

Dr Mel Taylor is an Occupational Psychologist and Associate Professor at Macquarie University. Her research focusses on human behaviour in natural hazards emergencies, terrorism, and emergency animal diseases. Most recently, Mel has been leading a Natural Hazards Research Australia funded project on community experiences of the 2022 eastern Australian floods.​

Mel Taylor

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