Webinar Recording - Mark Crosweller


into managing crisis and adversity

Mark Crosweller’s ethics workshop at the recent EMPA Conference in Sydney revealed some fascinating opinions and insights from participants. We’ve received much feedback from people who were disappointed not to be able to attend (especially the 35 Victorians in lock-down).

Mark put together a report on the ‘takeaways’ from the workshop and  presented it in EMPA’s free July webinar.


Mark Crosweller
Director, Ethical Intelligence

DATE: Wednesday 28 July 2021


Mark has 36 years of experience in crisis, national security, and emergency management, leading major strategic reform in governance, strategy, policy, operations, and capability. Between 2012-2019 Mark was responsible for briefing the Prime Minister and Cabinet on disaster management and providing strategic policy advice on climate and disaster risk reduction and resilience. Mark has founded Ethical Intelligence P/L and is Senior Advisor to KPMG advising on climate, disaster risk and leadership ethics. He is currently finalising his PhD research on the ethical premise of leading people through the adversity and loss of disasters.


Session recording

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