Webinar Recording - Kjell Braatas

EMPA Australia 2023 Conference International Keynote

This year, EMPA Australia is welcoming two top international experts to address the conference. Both are well-known to the EMPA family and to Australia’s EM community at large. 

Kjell Brataas has been on the front lines of crisis communication during some of Norway’s most devastating crises. He has held important crisis management positions after the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, the terrorist attacks in Oslo and on Utøya in 2011 and the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.


Phil Campbell, EMPA Board, Facilitator

Kjell Braatas, International disaster communications consultant

DATE: Wednesday 26 April 2023

About the presenter

Kjell Braatas
International Disaster Communications Consultant

Kjell Brataas has worked with crisis communication and victim support on some of the biggest crises hitting Norway. He had central positions after the tsunami in Asia in 2004, including weekly meetings with survivors and next-of-kin and organizing travels back to Thailand in 2005. After the terrorism attacks in Oslo and on Utoya on July 22nd 2011, he worked on media handling, internal communication and next-of-kin support. He assisted at the media center and was in charge of social media monitoring during visits to Utoya in August for survivors and family members. When COVID-19 hit in 2020, Brataas headed a group of communications advisors from various ministries and the Office of the Prime Minister who worked on social media and crisis communication. 

Kjell Brataas gives lectures and presentations in Norway as well as internationally. He has presented at the National Emergency Planning College, the Norwegian Communication Society, the World Conference on Disaster Management (WCDM) in Toronto (2014, 2015 and 2016), the Intermedix Summit in Denver and the IATA conference on crisis communication and social media in Istanbul. In 2019, he was a keynote speaker at the EMPA Conference on crisis communication in Sydney. In the summer of 2022, Brataas was invited to be a member of an expert group organized by Interpol which focused on crisis communication at large sporting events (Project Stadia.)

Brataas has been a guest lecturer at the University of the Arctic, Inland Norway University, Leiden University in the Netherlands, Griffiths University in Brisbane and Lund University in Sweden. 

Brataas is a member of the Humanitarian Assistance & Psychosocial Support Subgroup of the Counter Terrorism Preparedness Network.


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