Webinar Recording - Creating connections


Emergencies break things apart. A key responsibility for emergency communicators is to create and strengthen the links between teams, organisations, groups, and individuals

Communication policy, strategy and practice needs to integrate our efforts from readiness, through response, to recovery. Insights gained, and lessons learned in recovery should also influence prevention and preparation. Disaster communication needs to be an ongoing conversation throughout the entire cycle.


Lee Cowan, EMPA Fellow, Communications Consultant
Lorraine Churchill,
EMPA Baird member, Communications Expert, Public Information Officer, USA
Alexis Starkey,
Communications Lead, Northern Region Health Coordination Centre, Te Whatu Ora| Health New Zealand

DATE: Wednesday 28 September 2022

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Resource list

Some resources shared by the panellists and participants that might be of interest:

Edelman Trust Barometer – Since 2000, Edelman has published an annual report gauging trust levels and perceived credibility among the general population towards governments, media, non-governmental organizations and corporations.