Webinar Recording - Kathy Baklan

CFS Bushfire Ready Campaign 2020

EMPA Australia  2020 Awards For Excellence in Emergency Communication – Readiness and resilience WINNER

The Bushfire Ready Campaign strategically aligned to the SA CFS Corporate Plan objective Supporting Resilient Communities through Risk Reduction and specifically addressed the target: to achieve a 10% increase in the number of current households in high bushfire prone areas that have a self- assessed level of preparedness for a bushfire by 2020.

The SACFS Be Bushfire Ready campaign was planned over a number of months, with consultation with key stakeholders, rigid approval process, qualitative and quantitative research, evaluation and review of the previous years’ campaign and commissioning experienced creative agency and media agencies.

PRESENTER: Kathy Baklan, SA CFS, Media & Communications 
DATE: Thursday 27 August 2020


Kathy Baklan

Kathy Baklan is a marketing professional who specialises in campaign management and has worked for a number of industries including finance, construction, charities and the South Australian Government (SA Government).

She now works for the South Australian Country Fire Service (SACFS) developing and implementing multimedia campaigns, internal and external communications, and media liaison. She is passionate about helping and working for the South Australian Community and her role in the SACFS helps her achieve this by educating the community in high risk bushfire zones on preparedness and resilience.

Kathy is passionate about her work and believes in developing good relationships with creative and media agencies to ensure the very best outcome in meeting organisational objectives. Her first project in the SA Government was to review the number plate pricing and range. She successfully introduced a new range of colours that the public were able to purchase and continues to be well received and continues to provide funds into the Transport Road budget revenue. I often tell people “when I go, at least a part of me will be left on the roads”.

Another passion of Kathy’s is her love of animals and has three border collies and was previously a registered breeder of border collies. Her motto for life is simple – “always, always… be honest, ethical and treat others how you would want to be treated.


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